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Tarot Cards - Gormagon

Well, it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with Gormagon conspiracy theories (Hey, maybe I'm turning into Hodgins!) . So you know that tapestry thing, that they found in the vault. Lets have a wee look at those tarot-card-things.

First, we'll have a look at the guys killed by the Gormagon, and put them with their corrosponding tarot card. Maybe we can figure out who's going to die next, or at least, what their purpose might be.

Gavin Nichols, a violinist. His little finger, essential for his art, was added to the silver skeleton, and he corresponds to the Musician tarot card on the Gormogon's schematic.  

Father Douglas Cooper, a bishop. His kneecaps, essential in prayer, were added (by Brennan) to the silver skeleton, and he corresponds to the Bishop tarot card on the Gormogon's schematic.

Mr. Porter, a lobbyist. It is not known which body part the Gormogon will deem significant, although it seems likely it would be the jaw or another skeletal component associated with speech, given his profession. He corresponds to the Corruptor tarot card on the Gormogon's schematic. 

So there we have the three people who have been killed by the Gormagon (so far). So...  If we look at the Major Arcana decks, there aren't any cards which corrospond with the victims, from what I can pick out. 

The Fool 
The Magician or Juggler
The High Priestess or Popess.
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant or Pope
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star 
The Moon
The Sun
The World.

Nu-uh. No matches. So, unless I'm mistaken, he's designed his own 'deck'. I'm going to rewatch 'The Knight in the Grid' and write down all of the cards I can see - and match - and go from there. But until then, Adieu. 


Note: So we watched Baby in the Bough - Didn't you all just love it??? Especially when he said OUR boy. We were all like, awww. He so wants her. It's just too darn obvious.


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30th Apr, 2008 20:16 (UTC)

Well checked the transcribe of "Knight in the Grid" and 3 other cards were actually mentioned aloud in the episode by Angela:

-The Architect
-The Martyr
-The Orator

Don't know if they actually appeared on screen (I'll have to check the vid).

You're right that the cards mentioned are not from a standard tarot deck. I've even looked up variations on the standard Rider deck, to Thoth, and Merlin versions...

... Hmmm...

What if they're not Tarot Cards?
13th May, 2008 05:05 (UTC)
Ahhh...that is because you are looking at the wrong Tarot.

Tarot cards as we know them werent the orginal ones. The orginal ones only had 15 'Major Arcana " not 21 as the current deck has.

You must remember that Tarot orginally was a card playing game in the 1400s. But i believe it is these tarots that they are talking about in Bones. They are called Trionfi. Not much is known about them anymore, but they were the first tarot cards.

and there was only 15 majors. not 21 (well, 20 plus the Fool)
14th May, 2008 19:23 (UTC)
Well, this changes everything. The team are going to research the tarot card deck suggested above, and see if it's correct. If it is... Well, we owe you a lot of thanks!! We've been searching around repeatedly looking for decks that resemble that of the ones mentioned in 'the knight in the grid.'

Thankyou for your comments.

The Bones Rumours Team
15th May, 2008 00:53 (UTC)
If i remember correctly. The above cards had greek influence to them. (ie: greek gods, ect).

I dont think you will find much about them, as there isnt much written (most of the information has been destroyed with time and all).

But I seem to remember one of my book mentioning them at one time. If i remember correctly, the ones they mentioned in Bones are part of the deck.

LOL and my mother said being a tarot reader would never help me later in life. LOL
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