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The most fascinating yet mysterious case of all on our favourite TV Show is that of the cannibalistic serial killer more commonly known as 'Gormagon.' But what is yet to be revealed is the true identity of Gormagon. Who is Gormagon? Lets take a look... 

The Gormogons were an anti-Masonic order of the 18th century. They are mentioned in scattered writings of the era, and accusations of association with them may have been used as a political weapon, as the very existence of the order involved a rejection of Masonic ideas. However, only the name has any relevance on the show, as Hodgins borrows it to refer to the killer for his dual reverence for and apparent dislike of secret societies and fraternal orders, including the Knights of Columbus. Hodgins' and Sweets' understanding of typical practices among orders, such as the master-apprentice relationship, ritualistic meals, and sacred geography inform the ongoing investigation of the murders. The killer's obsession with body parts parallels real-world serial killers' tendency to engage in necrophiliac and cannibalistic behaviors. 

(Source: Wikipedia)

Throughout the three seasons of Bones, we have been introduced to tens of - if not hundreds of - characters. In this entry, we'll go into depth about every single character, and whether or not they're capable of being Gormagon, or whether they're associated in any way with him... 

Main Characters

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Come on, like she'd be Gormagon. For starters, she's the main character, and when she's not working (which she always is) she's either writing books (which is working...) or else arguing/flirting with Booth. She doesn't have the time to go around murdering people and then eating their flesh AND then steals part of their bones to complete a full skeleton. And also, if she was Gormagon, why would she mail kneecaps to herself?? I know she isn't Gormagon, but I'm covering every single character in turn. You know, to be able to provide evidence when I finally convince myself (and hopefully whoever's reading this) that I'm right, and Gormagon is who I suspect it is. :)

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Again, not Gormagon. He's just too busy sending bad guys to prison and trying not to let Brennan know that he's in love with her to eat people for the fun of it. And besides, he's way too hot to be even considered. That face, Evil? I don't think so!! 

Angela Montenegro 

Hey, she might be. But I seriously doubt it. She just seems to be way too nicey-nicey lovey-dovey to have murdering as her favourite hobby. Also, I'm fairly sure that she can't run as fast as the Gormagon guy did in 'The Knight in the Grid' - you know, where he/she was running away from Booth. She never seems to be seen in anything other than heels. So, that's a definate no. 

Jack Hodgins 

Right, now it's getting interesting. Our Bug and Slime guy got something to hide??? Hmm, lets find out. So he seems to have an obsession with conspiracies, which we knew from the beginning. He knows an awful lot about the Gormagon (I mean, I'm not stupid. I have an IQ of 154, and I had never even heard of them before Bones brought it in. Like he knows that much just off reading about them. Jeez.) which seems a little bit suspicious. Maybe we'll have more to go off in the next couple of episodes.

Zach Addy

Nuh-uh. No Way. Absolutely not. What I want to know is why everybody's convinced that poor, innocent Zach (who, incidentally, gets BLOWN UP in the season finale. Would he blow himself up? I think not.) is Gormagon? Come on!! So sure. He found that eye-thingymajjig but that doesn't mean he's bad. He's just very observant. And that trick with the mirrors? Come on, he's a genius!! Of course he thought to do that!! Leave the poor guy alone already! But, it is possible....

Camille Saroyan 

Anyone else wish it was her??? :( Such a shame it's totally illogical and irrational... :( 

Dr Lance Sweets

Now we're getting somewhere!! He seems to know a lot about Gormagon. Just a fascination, do I hear you say?? Maybe. But I honestly doubt it. I think there's more than meets the eye about our doctor. I'm keeping him in for the time being...

Dr Daniel Goodman 

Don't really see this, to be honest. I mean, he's a father to twin daughters. Why would he go around killing people? And isn't he a little old? I mean, Gormagon must be fairly young (about 20-30?). But wait. He's taking a 'sabbatical.' 

Wikipedia says: A sabbatical (from Greek sabbatikos) is a prolonged hiatus, typically one year, in the career of an individual taken in order to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or traveling extensively for research. 

Say he is taking 'one year' out, then he'll be back in this season, right? As in, the season they find out who Gormagon is... But of course, he might not come back this season... Maybe.

So far we have still possible: Zach, Hodgins, Goodman and Sweets.

Secondary Characters.

Right, the characters we don't know all that well, but are still on the show enough to know a lot about them. Here we go: 

Matthew Brennan/Max Keenan 

Come on, he's way too old. And he's already a murderer, so I doubt he eats people too. Not to mention he's in prison, and it's impossible. Could you ever see him riding a motorcycle? I didn't think so. Unless he escaped from prison, threw a bone-filled bomb at B/B and then got chased by Booth and returned to prison unnoticed, I think we can safely rule him out.

Russ Brennan/Kyle Keenan

Now I think that Russ could be considered as an actual suspect. He left Brennan as a teenager and went god-knows-where. He could have easily gone and signed up for a cult where their main task is to kill and then devour their victims, could it not, whilst keeping his identity a secret by playing the role of loving step-father and boyfriend? Yep, he could. He seems like a sneaky kind of guy, in my opinion. Oh, and if he was Gormagon - Wouldn't it just kill Brennan? The Bones writers are smart. It wouldn't surprise me if they have a few tricks up their sleeves. One to keep an eye on at least. 

Rebecca Stinson

No, I don't think so.

Parker Booth

Oh come on. He's four years old. Definately not. 

Sam Cullen 

Nah, don't think so. He's bald, for a start, and the Gormagon has a full head of hair. And he's way too old. And he's in mourning. He wouldn't go and kill someone after his daughter was 'killed'. 

Howard Epps 

He's dead. So unless he didn't actually die, we can rule him out. 

Caroline Julian 

Anyone who wants Booth and Brennan to kiss is fine with me. I doubt it's Caroline. For starters she's a little... ahem... Larger... than the person who we saw on the motorbike. So another no??

Oliver Laurier

Nah, he's just obsessed with Brennan. I doubt he eats people in his spare time. And besides, he looooves her. He wouldn't freak her out and send her kneecaps, would he? 

Tim Sullivan

Oh, please!! Let it be him!!! Then Booth might kill him, and we'll be free from all that Sully/Brennan crap. Ugh, I hate him, and to be honest, I could see him as a mass murderer. Yep, he's still in.

Gordon Wyatt

Gordon Gordon is too old. And besides he's 'so English'.  :) Nope, he's out. 

Righteo. So we've eliminated a fair few of the characters. Still in: 
Zach, Hodgins, Goodman, Sweets, Russ, and Sully. 

The Murderers and Suspects will take up a lot of time, so I'll just like, cut them out. Most of them are either dead, or in prison anyways. 

I'll end this here, but I'll definately come back to it. Right now I have some research to do on Tarot Cards. :) 




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14th May, 2008 17:33 (UTC)
I think it's sweets. He fits, somehow. I don't think it's Zach..I don't *want* to think it's Zach. I love Zach
14th May, 2008 19:14 (UTC)
It's not Zach. We read in an interview that said it isn't him. That's one person down.

I can't say I think it's sweets anymore. In another interview, the interviewee says that 'we'll be surprised'. A lot of people have been speculating about it being Sweets, so thus not a lot of people would be surprised if it is him.

Personally, We think it is either going to be Russ, or Sully. Hopefully the latter.

Hope you keep on reading.

The Bones Rumours Team :)
Matthew Parvin
22nd Mar, 2011 23:21 (UTC)
RE: Gormagon Is Sweets,,,,,
Okay, people, here it is, how many years after Gormagon? Well, I'm here to tell you, it isn't Zach, it is Sweets, when are they finally going to let the cat out of the bag, probably during it's last season, they'll fit it in somehow....
Matthew Parvin
22nd Mar, 2011 23:23 (UTC)
Hey Ya'll let's get this thing rolling, I am tired of watching Sweets anyway, I liked Zach a whole lot better. And, look at the evidence, Sweets, had a horrible childhood, and right before Gormagon went off, his parents died, and he was an adopted child, so, being adopted, then your adoptive parents die the way they did, it set him off.....
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