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3.10 - The Man in The Mud Screenshots


Booth Looking Very Tasty.


Is it just me or does he look EVIL

Click to view full size image

*cough* Bitch *cough* 

:) Love this picture.

And this. :) 

Zach looks sooo Adorable here. 

And here as well. King of the Lab, ftw. 


It was Zach. :) 

This is fab.

Final scene, and one of my faves. :)

All Pics From: http://www.bonesfansonline.com/gallery/


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28th Apr, 2008 22:02 (UTC)
And Gormagon is....????
Thank you so much for posting this.

I have been obsessing about this for the past two days, and I agree with the majority of your observations so far.

Initially my top 5 suspects were Russ, Sully, Zach, Hodgins, and Sweets.

I think of the four Russ would be the best Gormagon from a writer's stand point. Because it would catch everyone off-guard and would seem very plausible.

One major problem tho.

He's been in jail. So unless they can come up with a plausible explanation of how he can jump in and out of the joint. It can't be him.

Although Sully would work, it would be too horribly cliche, and implausible. I mean how can EVERY man that Bones is with be a dirt-bag? It would just be too much.

One interesting angle tho...

What if Sully was the mentor and his apprentice was the Kung Fu guy from the boneless bride episode!

The guy with the motorcycle helmet definitely has the agility.

Now from a writer's aspect, this would be THE BEST!

It would all come down to how good/versatile the actor is. I still remember Ed Norton making his career in Primal Fear when he flipped a 180 out of nowhere and went psycho all over Richard Gere. If the actor portraying Zach has got that ability, we could have one of THE most amazin villans of all time. Especially when you factor in that Zach is as intelligent as Bones.


-He's the right age to be recruited to Gormagon
-He had to take off to Iraq for a while? Really?
-He's nearly sociopathic
-Definitely not squeamish around bodies
-Being that socially awkward at first makes him a great candidate to be recruited


If the writers' way of disqualifying him as Gormagon is the old leaving out in plain sight method, it would be shoddy.

They went too far out of their way to have everyone say that he would be too obvious.

Sure if they decided it was Hodgins it would cause a major storm, but the old story trope of every romance in the show ending with the man being a serial killer/creep. Ugh.

Although it could be both amazing/funny/terrifying if Hodgins were the Master and Zach was the apprentice. OMG!!!!


A total Red herring. Nuff said.

My guess was that before the writer's strike, it was plausible that Sweets was supposed to be Gormagon, but due to the shortening of episodes made, it cause a side effect. The viewers got to like Sweets and the series didn't have time to gain enough traction with Sweets as a character that showed any real formidable skills.

So now the writers have to choose between introducing another charcter, bringing one back from the past, or making due with turning one of their current cast over to the dark side.

I would actually prefer if it was a character from a past episode, but that's just me.

Anyways, thanks again for your amazing blog!!
29th Apr, 2008 06:56 (UTC)
Re: And Gormagon is....????
Wow, thanks for the lovely comment!! We'll have more little observations up fairly soon. :)

Bones_Rumours Team
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