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Bones Discuss Online!

Rumours, Spoilers and a good old discussion!

Discussing Bones
The web is full of wonderful little rumour sites, but have you honestly ever found a site where rumours and spoilers are discussed in depth by an avid fan of the program? Here, all that is mentioned will (hopefully!) by fulfilled.

Love Bones? Great!! Us too!

Meet the team!

Hollie, the smart one. Completely and utterly obsessed with Bones, and wants Booth all to herself. She's the writer on the site, and does (most of) the research for our posts.

Allison, the crazy one. Loves Zach so much it hurts. She helps Hollie with the research, and watches episodes over and over to check for links.

Finally, Rebecca, the sane one of the group. Has a (small) obsession with Hodgins, which she tries to keep under control. Like Allison, she watches episodes, and checks spoiler sites for anything that can help the team with their reports.

We hope you enjoy what we write. If you do, drop us a comment, or add us as friends. :) We like to know who's reading! :)

The Bones Rumours Team.